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Why STAND OUT From Other Job Applicants?

Person in meeting trying to stand out from other job applicants
It's not always easy to stand out from a crowd of other applicants vying for the same job

You hear it regularly on the news — job losses in the thousands. People are being made redundant from organisations trying to downsize and lean by cutting costs to better weather a harsh and multifaceted economic climate.

Today, the news seems to form a large part of our life, grabbing our attention more than ever.

Going back twenty or thirty years ago, finding work, many would say, was much more straightforward. Some individuals found that they could turn up to a business, say that they were looking for work, what they could do, and their experience, then be interviewed there on the spot or be offered the job to start immediately.

It’s imperative now more than ever to stand out from other applicants and make an impression simply because of how competitive the job market is.

You can stand out from other applicants by having your resume professionally revamped, your cover letter expertly worded and tailored and writing accurate responses to selection criteria. The Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions team offers these services to clients all over Australia. And, once you have secured an interview, it’s not as straightforward anymore.

You need to be able to sell your experience and skill set to a prospective employer, which you can do so by refining and finessing your interview technique. You can receive interview coaching from Client Centric too.

Have you ever seen a large crowd of people and noticed someone wearing a bright coloured outfit? They stand out.

While I’m not suggesting that you need a colourful CV with pretty pictures, the content must stand out and not only capture the potential employer’s attention but hold it too.

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