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What Questions Can You Ask at The End of an Interview?

Person at end of their job interview asking questions
It's always good to be prepared before an interview by knowing what questions you want to ask

For many, this is the dreaded question they fear will be asked at the end of the interview.

A good suggestion, though, would be to avoid asking about moving up or into another position that they may feel you are better or a step up. The last thing you want to do is to make the interviewer think that this isn’t the position you wish to do, or you have your sights set early on a far more significant role.

Listen intently throughout the interview process. Then, either take a mental note of something interesting said that you would like to know more about.

Some interviewees will bring in a small notepad and a pen in one hand to take notes about the role. If you find yourself forgetful due to nerves, this may be a good idea to write down anything you want to ask by the end of the interview, or one word with a question mark to help jog your memory.


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