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Questions To Ask During Your Job Interview

Lady asking the recruiter questions about the role
It's important to have some questions to ask at the end of an interview

Do you have a job interview coming up? It's imperative to consider what questions you could ask.

Some may be directly related to your abilities and if you have what it takes. Some, though, will be indirect.

You are there as a participant in an interview, not an observer watching on the sidelines.

The spotlight is on you! This is a meeting, and like most meetings, every participant needs to prepare and especially if they have a part in contributing to the discussion.

Get ahead of the competition (the other interviewees) by thinking about the questions that would show you have a good understanding and knowledge of the employer's business operations. Again, it's vital to demonstrate that you have done your research and are actively interested in their organisation.

After all, they are doing so for you!

You could say something along these lines (for a business real estate/operations management role):

From having a good look through your company website, I noticed that your management team are planning to acquire a new office block on county street in West Meadows. I wonder, will I be managing this acquisition or has this already been settled?

This questioning will demonstrate to the employer that you are already thinking about the job and what value you will add. It shows initiative and a desire to succeed. You are taking an interest in something that could affect your role!



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