• Matthew Coppola

Our Review of Two Job Search Sites: Indeed and Seek

In Australia, job seekers are presented with several job search websites available to them to apply for work.

On our website, we list out the various sites online. The list can be found under suggested sites for job seekers.

Two of the biggest job search websites are Indeed and Seek.

Both sites provide job seekers with the facility to create an online profile, which they can use to attach their resume and cover letter as they apply for jobs.


What I love about Seek is how comprehensive and easy it is to use. The site allows you to sort jobs based on pay, location and industry. You can even refine your search by using key words.

It's not just professional and high level jobs advertised on Seek. You can also apply for more general jobs, such as a dishwasher or cleaner.


From my experience, jobs advertised on Indeed tend to be more local, and lower level. Many recruiters advertise jobs on Indeed which makes it frustrating. I have found that many recruiters post jobs just to harvest candidates. For a better recruitment service, see what Client Centric has to offer.

Indeed is easy to use and you can refine your search. I especially like how Indeed allows you to search for jobs based on a radius of where you live. So, if you only want to work in a job that's 5km from home, you have that option to choose.

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