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Are Government Jobs Really That Secure?

Most people are drawn to the idea of working in Government. They feel that jobs in the public service sector are cruise, easy to do and once you’re in a Government job, you’re in it for life.

But is that so?

To a certain degree. Yes, jobs in Government tend to be more ‘secure’ and therefore stable. Usually, a job in the public sector is for the common good, to help support a Government department to provide the necessary services to the public.

However, Governments do change. With that change comes changes in legislation, policy and focus. There may be drastic budget cuts to certain areas or changes in Government that impact certain departments. These changes, in turn, can affect the jobs of hundreds, if not thousands, of public service workers.

Moreover, some jobs in Government have to be re-applied for every year or so. This requires the individual to have to re-apply for their job.

This is not fun – no one wants to have to keep re-applying for their jobs, but for many, this is what is required to ensure staff continue to be qualified, competent and the right fit for jobs in Government that they are assigned to.

The individual has to go through the process again of submitting their CV and cover letter as well as addressing the key selection criteria. Not to mention having to go for a job interview again, which can be very daunting for many.

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