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How to Stay Updated with Changes in the Jobs Market

The jobs market is dynamic, forever changing with new jobs, different careers, upcoming industries and attached to this is the economic climate which has a profound impact on which way the jobs market goes.

During good economic times, jobs are plentiful, but available candidates are few. When times are not the best, such as during a recession, then we usually find that jobs are scarce and jobseekers vying for work abound. It's a more competitive time for job seekers, and it's a time that is not only difficult for job seekers to stand out, but the competition from other suitable candidates is fierce.

For some individuals, such as those in transportation, logistics, retail and healthcare, they can sometimes easily step away from the jobs market for a limited time and not have to worry too much about having to keep updated with changes in their industry. They can always return to work at a later date in another position doing the same or similar tasks.

However, it's not that easy for other individuals, especially those who work in the fields of IT, science, engineering and administration. Things are always changing in those industries especially. So, remaining vigilantly up to date and abreast of changes in your industry is indeed imperative.

So, you're probably wondering then precisely how you can stay abreast of changes in your industry. Here are our top 5 suggestions for you to apply for yourself:

Regularly review job websites such as Indeed and Seek to see what jobs are in your industry and what employers are asking for in suitable candidates.

  1. Review the news in your industry by reading the newspapers either in paper or online, even reading industry-specific magazines relevant to your line of work to see what's happening. It's incredible what you can learn in the news today, especially with movements in an industry or the effects that certain Government programs and initiatives have on an industry.

  2. Have a good refresh and review of your CV to make sure that it's up to date and relevant to the jobs you will apply. Your resume is the best tool that you have to apply for work. The majority of employers will ask for this.

  3. Perhaps think about some related training courses that you could do to keep up to date and improve your skillset. There's so many courses out there that you can do. It's never too late to retrain.

  4. Network with other like-minded professionals in your industry by joining sites such as LinkedIn. We offer a service where we can professionally revamp your profile. For more information, please visit our LinkedIn profile writing service page.

Regardless, whether you're applying for work now or preparing yourself to re-enter the workforce, it makes sense to get your resume and cover letter professionally updated and revamped by the specialists. For more information, please visit our resume and cover letter writing page.

At Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions, we're here to help you navigate through the forever changing jobs market. We'll equip you with the best tools to apply for work, send out your resume with confidence, address key selection criteria adequately and have the courage to handle your next interview.



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