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Matthew's top ten 'job tips' for job seekers

Below I list some suggestions that in my experience working with job seekers from all different backgrounds and professions, which I have found useful in helping guide and support them to find suitable and gainful employment:

1. Every cover letter tailored for the particular role that you are applying for.

2. Resume to clearly mention what kind of work you are seeking and to be specific.

3. Resume to be clear, thorough, concise and accurate.

4. Cover letter not to be too lengthy but easy to read.

5. Cold calling prospective employers can certainly help put your foot in the door.

6. Try not to lose focus or let setbacks affect your momentum and drive.

7. Have a summary/career profile at the start of your resume.

8. Have a schedule something like '2 jobs a day' that you stick to.

9. Prepare, prepare, prepare for every interview that you go for. Interview coaching can help.

Tips by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric



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