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How to handle behavioural questions in an interview

Behavioural interview questions are specific to discovering how an interviewee will act in particular scenarios based on their previous experience and often, logic.

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Common behavioural questions are:

- Describe a stressful work situation and what you did about it.

- Describe a project you worked on as part of a team.

- How did you resolve a difficult situation with a client or vendor?

To be successful and handle a behavioural interview is all about preparation. There aren’t necessarily wrong answers, as these questions are aimed at getting to know the real you and predicting your future performance. The important thing is to be honest and to practice structuring your responses in a way that communicates what you have to offer.

To prepare; read the job description carefully, make a list of the top skills or qualifications it calls for and think of a story that demonstrates your ability in each area. Write down in the STAR method how you would answer a commonly asked question and practice it out loud. You can be nervous; however, if you continue to practice your answers, it will help you build confidence for the interview.



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