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How can I show better initiative at work? By Matthew Coppola

Initiative, by definition, is to take the opportunity to act or take charge before someone else does.

It’s about using common sense, thinking on your feet and taking that important step forward to help get something done.

From a workplace perspective, it’s about taking the opportunity to get work done, even without being asked to do or, or asking first if anything needs to be done or where you can help and assist as required to support team and organisational objectives.

An employee who regularly shows initiative (Regularly) is viewed very favourably by all employers, prospective and current. Usually, this is a question that’s asked during the interview, which is why interview skills coaching is a great way to receive help on these types of questions.

If you see work that needs to be done, or observe that an improvement can be made or that your team is struggling with the workload, you can show initiative by stepping in as a resourceful person and taking up the opportunity to support your fellow colleagues.


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