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Does Interview Coaching Work?

Interview coaching, when delivered well, can equip people with the tools and techniques they need to perform better during their job interviews.

Interview coaching does work. People who receive one-on-one interview coaching from an experienced coach are better prepared and feel more confident handling their upcoming job interview.

Unfortunately, most employers these days won't provide unsuccessful candidates with the necessary feedback they need to do better the next time they attend an interview.

Our experienced interview coaches at Client Centric provide clients with guidance and direction to know how to respond to commonly-asked and behavioural questions that can often trip many candidates up.

For example, some candidates are unsure what to do if they don’t have any questions to ask at the end of an interview.

As I have mentioned in a previous article, having questions to ask at the end of an interview shows a genuine interest in the position. It can help demonstrate that you are seriously considering the role and that you have paid attention to what has mentioned to you and you have a sound knowledge of the position thus far.

If you're ever wondering whether paying for interview coaching is worth it, we believe it certainly is worth it.

Being well prepared for a job interview will increase an interviewee's chances of being picked. It's not a guarantee, of course, but being well prepared dramatically helps an individual perform their best.

Like any coaching or training of some form, it's essential that you apply and put into practice what you've learned. For example, interview coaching does work, but it will only work if you listen intently during the coaching session, ask questions and put what you've learnt to use during an interview.


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