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Is paying for interview coaching worth it?

We think it's worth it.

That is, it's well worth receiving interview coaching from an experienced and qualified careers and employment professional who understands the jobs market knows how employers think, what they look for in a suitable candidate and what kind of questions they might ask during a job interview.

Unfortunately, times have changed. Most employers don't provide candidates with adequate feedback, if any, following their interview. So the problem for most candidates now is that they go for interview after interview, never really knowing how well or poorly they are performing. By the 5th unsuccessful job interview, a candidate will feel depleted and discouraged.

Preparing in advance is key to performing well during a job interview. Being well prepared for a job interview will increase an interviewee's chances of being picked. It's not a guarantee, of course, but being well prepared dramatically helps an individual perform their best.

Being well prepared might mean reaching out for interview coaching. A suitable, professional, experienced interview coach will provide correct feedback and guidance to help you understand where you may fall short and what to do to improve. An expert interview coach will also coach you on how to best answer commonly-asked and behavioural questions and personalise and tailor the session for your needs.

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions provide professional one-on-one interview skills coaching to individuals across Australia. Individuals who want to put their best forward for a job receive genuine feedback on where they may be going wrong and how they can improve. We offer one-hour or one-and-a-half-hour coaching sessions. Each session is personalised, tailored and customised to the individual and the kind of role/s they are applying.


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