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Coping with a challenging jobs market in Sydney: What you need to know!

There is no question that many will agree that the jobs market in Sydney is challenging, especially given the current Covid-19 situation. You may be thinking about how you can prepare yourself to re-join the workforce or make a career change.

I suggest beginning with looking at jobs that are currently available and jobs that will be offered in the future. There is a great article on this entitled What can I do when there are so many places online to find work? By Matthew Coppola.

Start with getting your resume sorted and up to date. As strange as it may be, have more than one resume ready and tailored for different roles. This will help open your options with employment. You can write a CV and cover letter yourself. Or get help from a professional resume and cover letter writer based in Sydney, who will create for you job application documents that will highlight the best that you have to offer a prospective employer.

With your search in finding suitable jobs in a challenging jobs market, you could discover positions that require you to address a set of key selection criteria. Do not ignore them! A majority of Government roles will include selection criteria as part of the application process. You could address the criterion yourself or seek assistance from the Sydney selection criteria writers at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions. Client Centric is an Australian based business with the expertise to write successful responses to any criterion, in any industry.

Reaching the interview stage is a challenge, but it is definitely worth fighting for. When you have reached the hurdle of sitting in front of the employer for an interview, you are then confident they liked your application and that you have a solid chance of acquiring the role. So, it is important you get it right. You can refine your interview skills by getting interview coaching by an experienced coach in Sydney, who will be able to provide you with guidance and teach you to build up confidence. Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions offer this service and are very good at it. I know this as they have received great feedback from clients.

As challenging as it may be, never give up; stay motivated, focused and in control. A great article to read on staying positive during these times is How to stay motivated and positive despite set backs in securing work, by Matthew Coppola.



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