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A handy work wear guide for Men and Women, created by T.M Lewin

Promoting and marketing yourself as a jobseeker is a process with many moving parts. Crafting an appealing resume, sourcing prospective employers, completing applications, and eventually gaining and mastering interviews. These steps become milestones in the process.

Creating the right professional image is more important than one may think. When preparing for an interview, briefing yourself on the company, the position, and your past experience are all more commonly prepared strategies. Many candidates forget to consider the office culture and professional dress codes.  Although dress codes are subjective to company, culture, location, and field of work they are important to consider. We have all wondered….

Am I wearing an appropriate outfit? Is this underdressed or overdressed? Too casual? Do I wear the same outfit at a digital start up compared to a working for a large conglomerate?

The uncertainties can surely impact one’s confidence in these high stake situations.

Personal and professional appearances are important, the age-old expression to dress for success is something that stands true and can actually impact a job offer. Interpersonal communication studies have proven that people form opinions of others on their appearance alone. In under a minute we formulate judgements on others by the way they speak, look, and carry themselves nonverbally. In an interview, this is not an ignorable factor.

British work-wear retailers T.M.Lewin have crafted the handy guide below to help us navigate what to wear and when. This guide is filled with style tips and advice to further your professional image. If you happen to be in need of a smarter look for your upcoming interview, T.M.Lewin are the experts. Check out the impressive range of men’s shirts; formal to casual & timeless basics for the for the ladies.

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