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Why it's important to be a dependable employee

Employers appreciate employees who are self-motivated, dependable and reliable.

A dependable employee is someone who takes ownership for their work. They arrive on time. Leave a little later than their end time to make sure everything is done and they conduct themselves in a professional and diligent manner.

Employers like dependable employees because they are consistent. The employer knows that the employee who they see as being dependable will not stray. Their work day in day out will be consistent and concise.

It's good to be considered a dependable employee because it means that you will be well liked by an employer. A dependable employee has a higher chance of securing a promotion or moving up into a management position.

If you want to demonstrate yourself as a dependable employee, you may like to apply the following suggestions:

- Start work early and finish a little later

- Put your hand up whenever you can and are able to take on greater responsibility

- Be consistent with your work effort and what you produce

- Present well and dress professionally

- Show interest in your job and perform your work with a smile and positivity

Article by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions



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