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Why Is It So Hard For Employers To Let Go Of Staff?

Unfortunately, during challenging economic times, many employers have to let go of staff. A sad reality for many businesses. But why is it so hard for employers to let go of staff?

It's hard because emotions and people are involved.

One of the services that Client Centric offers is outplacement. We equip former employees with the tools they need to secure new employment quickly. With a brand new and tailored CV, cover letter, interview coaching and a revamped LinkedIn profile, they can be on their way to a new job.

When people are told that they have to be let go, it's upsetting. Imagine an employee who has been working for the company for the past two decades. To be told all of a sudden they no longer have a job, it's a shock to the system.

And it isn't easy for employers either. Managers are people too. And they have families and so they know what it's like to lose one's job. To have to have this conversation with someone, it isn't easy.

We can all put ourselves in the shoes of the former employee. But, sometimes it's equally as hard to put ourselves in the shoes of the manager who has to have this tough conversation.



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