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When and why you should approach Human Resources

Being an asset to the company, it is HR’s job to make sure you and your colleagues are happy at work. There is some confusion about when it’s appropriate to approach the HR department. Reasons for this could be that you doubt if your query is important enough or if your complaint is justified and they can do anything to assist.

Below are situations when it’s always applicable to go to human resources.

1. Issues with your manager, colleagues, or customers – If you feel yourself or someone’s been unfairly treated, you have the right to raise the issue with your company.

2. Changes to personal circumstances – If you need to request to take time off at short notice, reduce your hours, work flexibly, or have queries regarding maternity or paternity leave.

3. Personal entitlements – Approach your HR manager when you begin your job and get to know the details of your organisation’s benefits package.

4. Seek opportunities – If you want to progress in a particular position, then HR can help, whether it be through internal training or job shadowing.

5. To vent your feelings – Sometimes you need to let off steam and bottling up your feelings about your workplace isn’t going to help anyone. HR wants to help you and provide you with valuable insight with how to possibly solve your issue.



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