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What is the best way to answer a behavioural based interview question?

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Today's interviews will include both standard and behavioural type questions. What are the differences? Standard type questions can be 'Why should we hire you?' and 'What makes you the best person for this role?' and so forth. Where behavioural questions, are asked of the candidate to find out the approach that they took in a particular situation to accomplish a task or handle a matter.

When answering a behavioural question, providing an example is essential and more effective if it is relevant to the role. However, when in the interview, candidates can't think of any relevant examples, which makes it so important to prepare for an interview. When preparing think about how your experience relates to each of the job duties.

An example of a behavioural question is "Can you recall a time when you disagreed with a fellow colleague. What was the disagreement, and how did you seek to resolve it?" A great way to approach these questions is by using the STAR format.



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