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What does it mean to be 'over confident'?

In my view, there’s nothing wrong with being a confident person. I think that it’s a good thing and praiseworthy.

A confident person holds their head up high, firmly believing in themselves and what they can achieve.

But, if a candidate comes across as overconfident in an interview setting, it may put off the employer because they might feel that the interviewee tends to be egotistical or arrogant, an undesirable trait. And so this kind of attitude can mean that the candidate is unwilling to accept criticism readily.

You can avoid coming across as overconfident by preventing any level of arrogant talk or big-headed behaviour through your body language that says you think you’re the best and better than everyone else.

Demonstrate to the employer that you value the opinions and views/advice from others and that you appreciate how as a team we can all learn from each other in some way or another. And even though you're confident in your abilities, you still value pursuing ongoing professional development.


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