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Ways you can find suitable work during a recession.

During a recession, it becomes ever so difficult to find, secure and maintain suitable employment. Jobs are scarce. The is more competition in the open labour market. Which makes it harder to get a job when times are tough, and the economic climate is bleak.

So what can you do to find suitable work during a recession?

Well, there are several ways at your disposal. The first step we suggest is to remain positive, upbeat and focused. Letting emotion get in the way of obtaining employment can cause an unnecessary burden.

The second step we suggest is that you get your resume and cover letter in order by enlisting the services of a professional resume writer, such as through us here at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions. A tailored, well-written resume can help to make you stand out among other applicants vying for the same position. Your resume and cover letter are the first and foremost tools needed to secure a job.

The third step we suggest is to open your options as to what kind of employment you would like to do and could do. Sure, it may not be your dream job. But a job is a job and can be a good stepping stone on to new and better employment when the market starts to pick up.

A fourth step we suggest is to consider networking through LinkedIn and revamping your LinkedIn profile. The team at Client Centric can help with this too. It's essential to network and be abreast with what is happening in your industry and the broader jobs market.

We also suggest considering uploading your resume and completing your profile on various job websites such as Indeed and Seek.

Finally, for every job you apply for make sure that you tailor your application letter, critical to the success of any job search effort.

Feel free to contact our team at Client Centric to see what we can do to help you secure stable employment, even during a time of recession.



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