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Ways to stay motivated working from home

As things are changing, and more and more of us are having to go from working from an office to home can be quite challenging. It does have its benefits, such as it cuts out commute time, allows for flexibility, and you have control over your workdays.

The drawbacks, however, are trying to stay productive throughout the day, not in an office setting. However, with sufficient planning, strategy and dedication, you can achieve working from home like any other working from the office day. Ways to help you stay motivated:

1. Start your day off by getting up early, good breakfast and wear clothes that you would wear to work.

2. Create a workspace that won’t have distractions and is uncluttered.

3. Schedule your day out; this will help with not losing time and will increase your productivity.

4. Minimise distractions, such as any messenger apps and if possible, your emails or phone.

5. Make the most of the time you have saved commuting to and from work.

6. Finish your day on time, when you overwork too often you can burn out and be less productive.



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