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Should my response to each selection criteria be detailed and personalised?

When addressing a selection criterion, each one should consist of one or two examples that demonstrates how you fulfil the requirements of the role and the criteria statement.

When writing your response, always keep in mind who your reader is. The reader will want to know about your experiences and how you address the statement, as this gives them an insight into you as a person and your skills.

Remember, the reader may be the Human Resources Manager, Recruitment Consultant or Manager/Supervisor who will be the direct report for the position.

Your response to each selection criterion should be detailed and personalised by including one or more relevant examples, but also along with this other specific information from your experiences in a clear and succinct approach.

Personalise your responses by being less general and ambiguous, and more relevant and specific to yourself as a potential employee and what you have achieved that meets their requirements.


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