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Should I upload a cover letter or use the 'write one now' function on job search websites?

It is completely up to you, and both approaches have their pros and cons. However, at the end of the day, whether you prepare your cover letter in a word processing software or write one in the box provided, the employer is still nonetheless going to read your application. So, really content matters.

The benefits of uploading a cover letter is that you can write more in your letter and use formatting, where writing one now does not usually afford you the luxury of doing so. The letter is in plain text without any bold/italic formatted text that you can use.

However, some individuals make the mistake of forgetting to change the employers name, and other details in their cover letter, only to realise after they have submitted their application. The benefit of writing one now is that you can start completely from scratch in tailoring your letter for the role.

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Matthew Coppola, Consultant



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