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How to get a job when you have no experience

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

To get the experience you need a job, however, to get a job you need experience. So how do you get past this hurdle?

Whether you're new out of education or looking to change your career path, feeling like you don't have the experience to get that first job can be disappointing. Here are ways that you can utilise to achieve obtaining that new job.

  • Don't ignore that fact you have no experience but address the issue in your cover letter, which will help to fill the gaps in your resume.

  • Focus on the skills and strengths that you have which shows that you are capable to fulfill the needs of the job.

  • Think of past experience from other jobs that are relevant and draw the links between the experience you need and the experience you have.

  • Create some experience by doing voluntary work, work experience or an internship.

  • Establish a network within the industry that you want to join. You could do this via LinkedIn by joining groups related to this industry.

  • Don't only apply for jobs that are advertised as you will be assessed against criteria but contact companies that interest you and see if there are any opportunities.

There is also an interesting article about whether it is essential to have a resume and cover letter professionally written, that you may find useful to read.

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