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How Many Different CVs Should Every Person Have?

As an experienced employment services professional, I get asked this question quite a lot. And for good reason. People want to know if their resume will be a one-fits-all when it comes to applying for jobs.

Writing a great CV that’s properly tailored and thoroughly written takes time and effort. Some people pay for professional resume writers to craft for them a compelling and concise resume that will help sell and market their skills and experience. So this does cost money and having multiple different versions of your resume can add up in cost.

So, in saying that, is it still worth have different versions of your CV depending on the kind of jobs you’re applying for? Yes, it most certainly is worth the effort. Why? Because you’re opening up your opportunities and options to the kind of work you can do.

The team at Client Centric, an Australian-based professional employment services firm know all about how important this is. They say that employers tend to look for job applicants who tailor their application and, most importantly, take an interest in the jobs they’re applying. So, then, it makes sense to have multiple versions of your CV all that are tailored and unique to the different industries and jobs your wanting to do.

If you need help preparing for yourself a tailored and professional resume, get in contact with the team, at Client Centric today by visiting their website:




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