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Equip yourself with the best: Resumes designed and written by Client Centric

The team at Client Centric have years of experience in writing professionally written resumes and cover letters for their clients all over Australia, helping many to secure their next job.

They first discuss with the client via email or phone about their career, what they are looking to move on to, their position, background and what particular information they need to start working on it.

They then request all paperwork to get started, which includes the client's resume, reference letters, qualifications, etc.

They undertake research on the particular role and industry that the client is looking to move into, including what emnployers are looking for and the terminology used in various job advertisements.

Using their own original template, they customise the structure and design to suit the client.

They also write up a summary at the top of their resume. This is the candidate's selling spiel. They write this as a story about the individual as an employee and what they have to offer to an employer which includes strengths and experience encapsulated in a summary that is specific, attention grabbing and sells the client.



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