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Does randomly posting out your resume deliver results?

I have been asked this question before by my clients. Majority of the time they are either not feeling confident enough to cold call employers or they are unable or again not confident enough to go an cold visit employers face to face.

In answering this question, well yes it can deliver some results and yes they may be very successful results. I for myself have posted out my clients resume to employers especially time poor employers or those who work odd hours, such as businesses in the hospitality/entertainment industry and even Child care centres funnily enough.

But like most things in life, you need to keep your options open. When it comes to applying for jobs, I suggest not keeping all your eggs in one basket. Try emailing, posting, cold calling, applying on-line, etc.

At Client Centric we provide a reverse marketing service where we apply for jobs on your behalf. We send out personalised job applications via and other job searching websites.

We adopt a proactive approach to helping you get an interview from your new resume and cover letter by actively applying for jobs on your behalf. This then allows you to save time and the financial costs of having to apply for jobs on online via job search websites such as and 

We search for suitable jobs that you have the particular skills and talents they need, find out exactly what the job will entail and tailor your cover letter accordingly and submit your application online.

This can be a standalone service or as a package with your new resume and cover letter.


Careers Advisor, Employment Specialist & Resume Writing Expert.

With over 7 years’ experience in Recruitment, Employment Services and Corporate Training, Matthew has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in resume writing, interview skills, job searching strategies, selection criteria writing and career planning. 

His approach to resume writing is to actually sell the individual, shine a light on their best qualities and powerfully market them to prospective employers. 

Matthew holds a Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development and a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics.



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