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Capability Statements for Small Businesses

Example of a capability statement for a company in the solar energy industry
Capability statements come in all shapes and sizes for every industry

A well-written and attention-grabbing capability statement is a valuable marketing tool for small businesses.

Even if you're just starting, or you've been in the game for many years, and have hundreds of staff, a capability statement is always helpful and valuable, no matter how big or small your business is.

If you are an owner-operator of a small business or perhaps an employee tasked with preparing marketing collateral or assisting with tender applications, then likely you need a capability statement as part of your marketing and business development efforts to grow, move forward and most importantly, acquire more work.

A capability statement has many uses for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Capability statement example for a small business
The front page of a capability statement for a security firm

From start-up construction companies to small consultancy firms to large, multi-national conglomerates, a capability statement is a piece of meaningful, exclusive and valuable marketing material, usually in the format of an A4 corporate booklet, that outlines the company, who they are, what they do, and why they do business with them.

Here at ClientCentric, we specialise in writing and designing professional capability statements for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries.

As an Australian owned and operated business, we know what's important to small business and we take great joy and pride in seeing businesses benefit from our capability statement writing and design service.

A small business capability statement doesn't have to be big and extensive.

You probably don't have enough information and content to fill pages and pages of a capability statement if you're starting. Likewise, you probably don't have many projects completed or services to list.

For this very reason, it makes sense to keep the capability statement for a small business nice and short, brief and straight to the point.

You may want to consider keeping to a minimum of 4 to 6 pages. The length and size of a capability statement really depends on how much experience the business has in the industry and the purpose of the statement. Ofcourse too, the type of industry and the information that potential clients - corporate and Government - want and need to know.

Think carefully about what you want to include in your capability statement and how you want your business to be marketed towards.

Whether you decide to write and design the capability statement in-house or utilise external service providers like ClientCentric to do this for you, you'll still need to carefully consider what you will include in the statement, what you want to emphasise, focus on and direct the statement towards.

It's so important to think about the reader. Consider their intentions and acknowledge what they want to know.

For a small business, the capability statement has many uses.

You don't have to use a capability statement only when you need to submit tenders. Feel free to use it when submitting pricing lists, emailing prospective clients, conducting client visits, or on your web page for prospective customers, or anywhere you feel the person or group of people reading it will benefit from it.


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