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Is it appropriate to put my interests and hobbies on my resume?

The short answer is it depends.

It really depends on what stage of your career you are at.

If you are a high school student/university graduate, then most likely you wont have a great deal of work experience and credentials behind you. By listing your interests and hobbies – with a little more detail than just a couple words – you may actually help the employer gain a good insight and understanding into you as a person and what you are interested in. These additional details can say a great deal about your qualities as a person.

If you are a more seasoned professional with years of experience and substantial qualifications behind you, then it’s best to leave it out. Some may argue that there is nothing un-professional with putting hobbies and interests in a resume, others will say that it’s not appropriate and that a resume/CV should only provide the employer with insight into you as a professional and what your expertise and abilities are, not what you enjoy doing on the weekend.

Whatever you do decide to put down in your resume, the question you may want to ask yourself before listing all your interests and hobbies is “Is this necessary and can I be giving the employer the wrong perception about what it will be like working with me?”.

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