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10 Skills That Every Sales Person Should Include In Their Resume

Are you trying to update your resume to secure a role in sales?

When it comes to writing a sales-focused CV, it makes sense to include the key skills and professional qualities that are expected and even demanded by employers seeking to hire someone with a sales background.

Think for a moment about what makes a great sales person. What kind of traits, skills, qualities and aptitudes do they possess that makes them so effective?

The 10 skills every sales person should include in their CV.

Let’s have a brief look at each skill:

1. Strong interpersonal skills

According to the article: ‘How to address the selection criteria on communication and interpersonal skills’, interpersonal communication is how you use your verbal and non-verbal cues to exchange information with someone. A sales person needs to be tactful and persuasive with their words.

2. Excellent computer skills and basic IT knowledge

In 2020, it’s a must have and expected that every sales person is familiar with using a computer and a smart phone.

3. Knowledge of the industry/products relevant to the sales role

Sure, you can learn on the job. But it helps to have a good knowledge of what it is that your selling and what customers want.

4. Confidence and positivity

When things get tough, or you’re not making enough sales, it’s important to persevere and stay positive. A confident sales person is someone who is ready to tackle any challenge and knows that they are going to achieve excellent sales.

5. Knowledge of sales technique and strategy

This is a must. To be an effective sales person, you need to know how to sell.

6. Excellent at building relationships and networking

According to the article: ‘The Meaning of Building Rapport With Others’, it says that in the context of the workplace, the purpose of establishing rapport with someone is to get know them well. When you know a person well, you’re in a better position to create a meaningful work relationship with them. You are also better able to tailor and adapt your communication style and approach with them.

7. Strong written and verbal communication skills

This is again expected of every sales person. You cannot sell to customers if you cannot communicate properly with them. Customers have questions, they have concerns. You need to be able to respond. And being a good listener is imperative too.

8. Excellent listening skills

An effective sales person listens to their customers. They ask questions and listen to what the customers have to say, and then they respond to what they hear.

9. Sound time management skills

An effective sales person needs to be able to manage their time effectively to meet their sales targets. Time flies pretty fast. A sales person can easily find themselves distracted and lose time. A good sales person will use their time effectively.

10. Excellent organisational skills

A good sales person knows how to organise their appointments well. They know how to organise their paperwork and clients too.

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