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Why Temporary Employment Opportunities can be Valuable

So, you recently got offered temporary employment. Say, around 2 – 4 or more weeks of work to either cover for someone who is away or help with a backlog of work.

Temporary work, although short in nature and not a permanent job opportunity, they do present many benefits to the job seeker.

These advantages include:

  • Great way to get into employment quickly and provide some breathing space while out of work and searching for a permanent position.

  • The pay rate tends to be higher than a permanent role in most cases.

  • An opportunity to add experience to your CV to show that you have taken up opportunities to work while searching for a role at your next interview.

  • The temporary role could turn into a permanent position where the employer likes your work and may find a suitable position within the organisation. Although, you cannot always expect this.

Temping work gives you a chance to keep your skills fresh, gain experience working in varied sectors while staying open to opportunities.

You will be required to constantly adapt to new surroundings and people, which may help boost your confidence. You will learn to think on your feet and be a team player with the ability to adapt to different personality types.

This stands out to employers when they are looking for the right candidate.


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