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Why is being dishonest in submitting job applications unacceptable? By Matthew Coppola

A person may naturally be a good, honest hearted person, but that does not necessarily stop them from performing acts of dishonesty.

This can be particularly true with applying for work. An individual may feel that if they cut out some truths or include some small lies in their job application, they will have a better chance of securing their desired job.

Dishonesty in the workplace is real and is a big problem for many employers and recruiters.

Acts of dishonesty in the workplace and job searching include lying on a resume, fabricating employer referees, changing job titles that appear more prestigious and even adding in made-up education details.

Job application dishonesty is wrong because it creates unfair advantages for those who lie in their application documents.

If an employer finds out that a job seeker lied in their application, they may take critical action and the job seeker may not be offered the job.

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