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Why for some it can be a challenge to get up to go to work, by Matthew Coppola

For many, they look forward to going to work, and so getting up in the morning can be a joy, because of the job that they have to go to. This is great, and the way it should be. But, for some, they find it a challenge to look forward to going to work. But, why is this the case?

Reasons are going to differ from person to person. However, for many, some of the reasons for a lack of motivation to get up to go to work can include:

  1. The job may not interest us as it once did.

  2. We feel it no longer provides any challenge or excitement.

  3. We feel that the job is not going anywhere for us.

  4. We want a change of scenery.

  5. We want a better, more fulfilling role. A step up.

  6. Need for a better income.

  7. Job is too difficult or too easy.

  8. Comparing ourselves to others.


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