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When asked about past job performance at an interview

This kind of question helps the employer gain a better understanding of how you most likely will perform in your new position. Although past job performance is not always a good indicator or how a candidate will go in their new role (because there are so many other factors at play) it can though help to alleviate any concerns that the potential recruiter may have in hiring you.

An excellent way to answer this interview question is by starting in saying what you were known for in the workplace.

For example: “In my last role, I was well known as the sales expert.”

Followed by: “Often, my colleagues approached me for my expertise. For example…..”

If you are confident in what your fellow past colleagues would say about you, then feel free to mention what your peers would say about you.

But don’t overemphasise/exaggerate the truth. All of which goes for not only the interview stage but also in your resume and cover letter.


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