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What Is Business Copywriting?

Business copywriting, by definition, is professional writing for business use for written materials such as corporate brochures, capability statements, website content development and social media posts. The business provides the copywriter with information and content to work with, and the copywriter compiles all that information into something clear, coherent and concise.

Business copywriting can be informal or formal, whichever style of writing the client prefers. Many businesses have a style of writing, a theme or a branding guide that they want to stick to so that all their marketing and communications are consistent with each other.

Some people mistaken the word 'copywriting' for writing that's just the typical copy and paste. The term 'copywriting' is about writing copy. And for businesses, it's about writing copy for blogs, newsletters, articles, statements, social media posts, publications and so forth tailored and written for a particular audience.

That audience can include a business' customers, whether they be corporate clientele or private individuals who want to utilise the professional services of a copywriter. Ultimately though, the copywriter must write content that can be easily read and understood.


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