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Top 10 Attributes That Make For An Effective Career Coach

By definition, a career coach is an individual who provides people of all ages and levels the necessary guidance, advice and tools they need to make well-informed career and future-pathway education decisions.

But what makes a career coach effective and successful at their job?

1. They empower people.

An employment consultant and career coach should not tell an individual what they should do. Rather, they should active as a support person and guide, empowering that person to decide for themselves with the available information provided to them, as to what career or education decision they are going to make.

2. They inform and guide people.

It's true to say that to some extent, people want help to be pointed to the right direction. This may mean giving suggestions based on knowledge and experience of the labour market and industry projection. A guide will provide a pathway or multiple pathways to help the traveller get to their destination. Likewise, a career coach provides pathways, options and assistance to help a person reach their goal.

3. They are positive.

A good career coach will never say anything negative about a certain industry or career direction that a person is considering. Even if the particular choice of job or educational course is not really the highest paying or have the greatest opportunity for advancement, a career coach will still support the person while being realistic and positive.

4. They have good interpersonal and communication skills.

To be effective, a career coach must listen. They need to be relatable and build rapport with the individual. They need to speak and write clearly and concisely, without any room for misinterpretation or confusion.

5. They have an excellent knowledge of the range of jobs and industries.

A career coach needs to be able to wear many hats. Although they will not have an in-depth knowledge and experience in every field and sector, they will still understand what is involved in both professional and trade related roles.

6. They have an understanding of the steps needed for someone to reach their career goal.

Is every goal unattainable? No. Is every goal attainable? Yes. Sure, some goals might be quite far reaching, but if one has the will and is willing to spend time and effort to reach their career goal, it's not impossible. However in saying that, some jobs do require particular attributes and skills that for some people, will be very, very difficult to attain, given their existing circumstances. That's where it's important to be realistic and to not pursue something that, if it doesn't work, will cause upset and grief.

7. They understand what makes a CV great.

Matthew Coppola from Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions, is an experienced and highly proficient employment consultant who specialises in writing powerful CVs that help to market and promote an individual's skills and experience. A CV is what you put in front of an employer. so it needs to stand out. One of the great services by ClientCentric is CV writing. They know what employers are looking for when they read a CV.

8. They understand how to tailor a cover letter.

For every job that a job seeker applies for. it's pertinent that they customise their cover letter for that particular role. A good coach will know how to do this.

9. They are organised.

When dealing with many clients, it's important to be organised and structured so that every client receives the same amount of support and attention.

10. They are professional.

A career coach must be professional and highly presentable.


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