• Matthew Coppola

The One Thing Most People Forget To Include In their Cover Letter





There is one major thing that most people forget to include in their cover letter.

That is, why they want to work for the company.

Many people tend to focus on what they can do and what they want to get out of the job opportunity. They forget to think about the employer's needs and what the recruiter is looking for. Every employer wants to feel important and valued by a job applicant. They want to know that the applicant not only wants the job and can do the job, but also wants to work for their company and why.

It makes sense why our clients enlist our professional cover letter writing service. They want to put forward their best foot for the role. They want to make an impression and include the information that they should include.

Things like forgetting to mention about the employer and why you want to work for them can certainly be the difference between being considered for the role and not.

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