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The Importance Of Having A Direct, Ongoing And Transparent Relationship With Your Manager

Many of us have, at one point in our working life, got upset and possibly angry at management.

Perhaps you felt being singled out in the workplace due to your performance in comparison to everyone else. Maybe you felt upset at the way your manager speaks to you. You don't feel respected. You might have felt your job was in trouble, and you were about to lose it unless something drastic happened.

Sometimes, however, most workplace issues (not always all) can be resolved, minimised or prevented from occurring by having a direct, transparent, ongoing open relationship with your manager.

You can maintain and nurture this relationship by ensuring a healthy dose of regular, uninterrupted communication and engagement with your manager.

Talk about what your concerns are, what you are having trouble with or doing well in, where you could improve and what support (if any) they could provide you.

According to the Victorian State Government in Australia, on their Better Health Channel website, they say that a healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict and build a stronger and healthier partnership. See Relationships and communications.

We can all agree that it makes it an absolute pleasure to go to work and be happy, enjoy not only what we do but also who we work with. Regular communication therefore is essential to maintaining relationships with your fellow colleagues and management, and may help to prevent issues from blowing up.



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