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Preparing for an interview – Research the organisation as much as possible

Get to know the organisation that is interviewing you, how many they have branches, the types of products and services, current projects, etc. Also, be aware of any issues or future projects that the organisation may be facing and think of how your qualifications or experience will be an advantage to them.

An example is an organisation is expanding into oversea markets, and you are experienced in international business, let them know this as it will help get you on the top of the list. Put yourself in the employers' shoes and see yourself from their viewpoint. What would you be looking for in a person to fulfil this position? Thinking like this can help you respond to questions more appropriately.

The employer may also ask you the common question, 'What do you know about us?', this is why knowing what the organisation does and performing research is essential, as it shows how interested you are in the position.

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