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What To Include in Your Job Application

There are many different documents that are part of your application for a public sector role.

Here are the different types of documents that may be required when applying for a job.

Cover Letter – Even though a cover letter can be optional if the position requires you to complete an application form, it is still a good idea to include one. Generally speaking, a cover letter should be limited to one page.

Key Selection Criteria/Statement of Claims – Ensure that your selection criteria or statement looks professional by putting a title on the top of the page that includes the job title, position number and personal contact details. If you require the services of a writer to address a set of key selection criteria for you, get in touch with our team here at Client Centric.

Resume – Always ensure that your contact details are easy to find at the top of your resume on the first page. Also, make sure that you have put your employment history in chronological order. And if you are in the market for an Australian professional resume writing service, look no further than the team at Client Centric. We are experts at writing powerful and engaging CVs.

Supporting Documentation – This document is only needed if it is requested in the position description. You may need to provide documents such as, academic transcripts, proof of citizenship, police clearance, Working with Children check, or more. Only ever send a certified copy of these documents as they may not be returned. To make it easier for the employer, listing up to 4 references is ideal.

Referees – Yes, references are usually included in your CV; however, some position descriptions request that you fill out this information on a separate form or online when you click apply. Make sure you are aware of what the specific instruction is on the application.


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