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How To Write a Resume for a First Job

Starting a new job can be very exciting. Made even more exciting when it’s your first job. You’ll be earning money, learning a new skill, gaining new experience and be part of the workforce. How thrilling that will be.

But first, you’ll need to secure your first job. And to achieve that, requires you to write a resume. Although this is your first job, you’ll still need to have a resume that you can send to prospective employers. But, you’re probably thinking right now – how can I have a resume if I don’t have any relevant work experience?

Here are my top suggestions to write a great resume for a first job:

  1. Make sure that your resume has a career objective that outlines what you want to do, achieve and what you enjoy as well as what you are know for by your peers and former teachers.

  2. Include any kind of work experience you’ve done in the past, no matter how short or long in duration it was or if it was unpaid or paid.

  3. Include your interests and any kind of education you’ve had.

  4. Include references from your personal life (for a character reference) as well as references from former teachers and supervisors.

  5. Keep your resume short but straight to the point and concise. Don’t waffle.

Most importantly when writing a resume for a first job, is that you accompany your application with a cover letter that’s short, yet brief and straight to the point. Doing so, will take your application to the next level and prove to the employer that you genuinely want to work for their business and you’re keenly interested in the position available.



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