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How to stay motivated and positive in securing work

It can surely get tough finding a job and securing it. We want the right job, but often we settle for anything just to be employed.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. It can certainly look good on a resume as opposed to a lengthy unemployed history, and it also helps to keep us focused until the right job comes along. It may even help us learn new skills that can be of benefit to us for the position we are wanting to be in.

We often say to ourselves – ‘stay positive’ or ‘don’t worry, something will come up’ – however the bills that need to be paid are at the back of our mind in how important it is to have a job.

However, we can have low motivation and job satisfaction in the workplace – feeling under-valued when we must settle.

When we lose focus on our job search efforts, the result is:

· Incomplete and inaccurate job applications.

· Cover letters that are not properly tailored.

· Messy applications and we rush the job search process.

Loss of attention can have a grim impact on the success of our job search efforts.

One approach that can really help build up an individual’s confidence is by having their resume and cover letter written by the experts at Client Centric.

They can professionally write for you a new and tailored resume and cover letter that work to sell and market your skills and highlight what you have to offer.


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