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How to Find a Job in Sydney if You're a Student

The employment market in Sydney can indeed be tough. In many industries, it's highly competitive. So, if you're a recent graduate or you're currently studying at University or TAFE, you're probably wanting to secure a suitable job in your field of study and get ahead in Sydney.

Here are my suggestions on how to find a job in Sydney if you're a student (or graduate):

Get online and research what entry-level student/graduate jobs are available.

Have a look on job websites like and for positions in your field that you can do. Try to avoid applying for jobs that ask for substantial relevant experience. You don't want to be going for jobs that you're not quite yet suitable for because you lack in the right level of experience the employer is after.

Start working on updating and revamping your CV and cover letter.

Have a read of my article on how to write a resume for a first job.

If you need help with writing your CV and cover letter, feel free to get in contact with the team at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions.

As professional and expert Sydney resume and cover letter writers, we know how to write effective job application documents that define a student's skills and highlight their transferrable experience and capabilities. We write tailored and bespoke CVs and cover letter for students and graduates from all different backgrounds. So, whether you're an engineering student or a graduate nurse, we can help you secure employment fast.

Take note of all your accomplishments and achievements both in your work life and in the course of your studies.

Take note of every achievement, certificate or high grade you receive and make sure that you include these in your resume. Because you want the employer to see your accomplishments and to be impressed by you.

Cold call employers in your chosen field of study.

Pick up the phone and cold call employers in your area. Ask if you can send them a copy of your resume. Mention that you are about to graduate/have recently graduated and you are looking for a job in your field.

Network online.

Create for yourself a LinkedIn profile and network online with industry professionals and recruiters. If you need help with writing up a powerful and effective LInkedIn profile, talk to the professional Linkedin profile writers at Client Centric.


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