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How to condense your resume, by Matthew Coppola

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You may feel that your resume is too long, messy and unstructured, but you want to keep all the information because you think that you have a lot to offer and employers should know this.

An option is trying to shorten sentences in your responsibilities and experience by either removing unnecessary information or re-writing the sentence with the same content but shorter. An example of this would be:

  1. LONG – Managing all administrative personnel (including part-time/full-time staff members) by overseeing their work, providing direction and training.

  2. SHORT – Managing administrative staff by providing direction, supervision, and training.

With the sentence, you can see that I have omitted information such as the nature of all the staff member’s employment – full time and part-time, all which is unnecessary information. Also, the words staff members and personnel were used – so I took out both and replaced them with the one word – staff. This has shortened the sentence, making it briefer yet with the same meaning.



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