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Trying to get noticed by employers in Cairns and get hired? Here's how.

It always happens when you want to get a new job in Far-North Queensland and you're ready to start applying. It seems like forever to get an interview.

This happens because our emotions are involved, and we want to get a job as soon as possible, but it's not always possible. If you live in Cairns, Australia and want to get noticed by employers and hopefully get hired straight away, there are some things you can do now.

Man searching on his laptop for work in Cairns
Finding a job in Cairns takes time and patience.

So my first suggestion is to take away your nerves, breath and think clearly with a strategy to follow to get a job in Cairns in the short term. If it helps, check out my article 5 ULTIMATE Tips to Get a New Job in 2022 that might help give you some ideas when planning this all out. Keep calm, you've got this!

Australian businesses in Cairns appreciate when candidates take the time and attention to prepare their resume and cover letter and personalise their application for the position or company. Securing work quickly can be challenging, but it's not impossible to conquer your job searches. Take the time to tailor and customise your resume and cover letter to demonstrate why you want the job, what you have to offer and why you want to work for that employer.

Cairns employer reading through a candidate's resume
A carefully crafted resume can make a major impact and impression

Carefully crafting a winning resume and cover letter takes time, patience and clear thought.

Many people write the job application documents themselves, or use the service of a professional Cairns resume writer who knows what it takes to grab an employer's attention and encourage them to invite the candidate in for an interview.

A carefully crafted resume and cover letter take time, effort and attention to detail. Don't rush this important part of the job search process.

Once you have your resume and cover letter in order with a clear strategy as to what kind of jobs and in which locations you will apply, then you're ready to starting submitting job applications on popular job search sites like Seek and Indeed.

Cold calling employers can also do wonders to making an impression on prospective employers. Go through the business registry and call up businesses in local areas in the same industry that your profession is in. Introduce yourself, explain that you are looking for work and ask if you can email them a copy of your resume.

Once you have grabbed the employer's attention, they'll likely invite you in for an interview. Arrive early. Prepare some questions to ask. And do your research of the company. You can then promote yourself in the interview and further make an impression, hopefully leading to a job offer.


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