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Cairns Resume Writing Service by Client Centric. CV Writing for all professions.

Top rated writers

5 ★★★★★

Cairns Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service 

Obtain work sooner in Cairns with a personalised, custom-written, and expertly tailored CV and cover letter designed to highlight and market your skills and experience. We are Australian-based writers, offering a competitively-priced writing service with a quick turnaround time.

Make the competition in Cairns irrelevant.
Stand out from the crowd. 

A clear and concise selling spiel. Insightful employment history. Proper structure and outline. Informative and compelling. That's what you can expect from our resumes and cover letters.
Secure work faster in Cairns. Enlist our help as your professional resume and cover letter writer. We'll turn your existing resume into something incredible.
Wanting to move out of your current industry or profession? No worries. We will draw on your transferrable skills and experience. 

Our aim is for you to stand out from other applicants vying for the same role in Cairns.
So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Your employment history will be detailed and comprehensive.

Make the employer's hiring decision easy by including a comprehensive career profile. We take the time to write about your career history, what you have done and what was involved.

Work history.png

All industries.
Every profession
and trade in Cairns.


  • Administration and Office Support

  • Retail

  • Primary/Secondary and Tertiary Education

  • Healthcare: Nursing and Midwifery

  • Accounting

  • HR and Recruitment

  • CEO and General Management

  • Advertising, Arts and Media

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Transport and Logistics

  • Education and Training

  • Mining and Resources.

  • Call Centre and Customer Service

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Government and Defence

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Trades: Plumbing/Construction/Electrical, etc.

  • Legal

  • Real Estate

"Matthew is the resume writing legend. What a champion. He works in a very professional, specialised and detailed manner. When I first took on board his service it was not what I expected. I now know why people pay to get their resume done. The resume that he writes really sells the person and promotes their skills, bringing out their best qualities. It’s like reading a story – it delivers well and flows perfectly... I have no hesitation in recommending their resume writing service"


Zig F, 

Pacific Components

Employers are even impressed.

Our clients have received great feedback from employers and recruiters on how their CV and cover letter read.

Employer in Cairns impressed with candidate's resume

It's the detail that matters.

Structured, concise and clear, easy to read for immediate impact.

Your CV will have clear headings, a selling spiel, career objective, summary for each of your roles and well-defined responsibilities and accomplishments. Your core competencies and skills will also be listed. 

Tailored, personalised and individualised for you.

Both your CV and cover letter will incorporate what Cairns employers in your field are asking for in a suitable candidate. Both documents will contain keywords and address the skills and experience that are being asked in positions you'll be applying for. 

Perfectly written and designed to highlight, market and promote your skills and experience.

Both your CV and cover letter will highlight the best you have to offer an employer in Cairns. We'll put a spotlight on your skills and capabilities.


Nobody wants their job application documents discarded because they failed to make an impression. When it comes to applying for work, the best tools at your disposal are your resume and cover letter.


So, with our help, we'll create for you a professional resume and cover letter that both clearly and concisely market and promote your skills and experience. We work with clients from all levels, professions and trades. 



Your resume should clearly and accurately outline your skills, experience and capabilities. The cover letter should be easy to read and flow smoothly. We aim to ensure that both documents show off what you have to offer and help the employer in decided your fit for the role. It's critical to make every application matter. 



We can write up for you a cover letter custom-tailored for a role that interests you. Or, we can write up a more general letter that is broad, requiring only small edits to personalise it for every job. We'll need you to email us links to positions in Cairns that have caught your interest, and you know you can do. 



Our resumes are tailored and expertly wordsmithed. Our cover letters read well. Employers and job seekers alike consistently give us excellent feedback on our work. The effort and time that we spend on every CV and cover letter that we write genuinely show in our work and the results prove this. We always receive excellent feedback. Although we use a set design - see the above images, the content is different and unique to every client. 



Our contact with you will be primarily by phone and email as we work with clients all over Australia and some of our clients may already be working, which makes it hard logistically to meet. Please note that we allow for one review only and we cannot guarantee any outcomes from our work. 

Cairns employer reviewing the application of a candidate
Man in Mobile Store secures job in Cairns from new resume

The team excelled and I am one very very very happy client. I will be recommending others to utilise this company for their CV and profiles to have the best chance they can to move forwards in the workplace joy.



Complement your CV with a top cover letter.

And make your next application incredible.

A cover letter is an essential aspect of the job application process and can be the difference between your resume being discarded and obtaining an interview.


We will make sure that your cover letter is in sync with your resume. If there is a particular position that you are interested in applying for, we can tailor your cover letter for that role. In doing so, we will tie your experience to the role requirements.

We'll tailor your cover letter by:

- introducing you,

- explaining why you want to work for the employer,

- explaining how your skills match the role and

- Talking about what experience you have that qualifies you.

A good cover letter should formally introduce you and explain specifically why you want the job and what you can bring to their company and how your skills and experience relate to the role.

Letter image.png

A simple process.

From start

to finish.

Initial consultation

We make initial contact with you.


We then ask if you can send us your existing resume and any supporting documentation, along with details of the role that you wish to apply for or a couple of links to jobs on We will email/call you if we have any questions for further clarification.


Full payment will need to be made upfront.


We usually ask for up to 3 working days to have the documents completed and ready for your review. 


Delivery and Revision

We will send the documents to you for your review and to see if you would like any changes or additions made. The documents will be sent to you in both Word and PDF format.


Submit your enquiry for a new CV and cover letter today

Expect a reply within the hour
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