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Tailor-made to market you.


Finding work in Cairns can be a challenge. This is why we offer assistance in helping our clients based in far-north Queensland to stand out from the crowd with a professionally written CV/resume and a covering letter that will help market your skills and experience to a prospective employer. Our goal is to help you put your best foot forward.

Most job advertisements are quite detailed, so it is always a good idea to thoroughly read the role description and put yourself in the shoes of the job to gain a better understanding of what is involved.

Significant hours of research and attention to detail goes into every resume that we write for our clients.

We can professionally write you a new, custom-made and personalised CV and cover letter that balance each other in the way that they recite and present on paper in front of a potential employer or hiring agent. We will adjust your job application documents according to the type of work and industry you are in search of employment in. The resume and cover letter should accompany each other.  

​​​​​​All our resumes are well organised and methodical in structure. We include clear headings, mix of dot points and ticks, tables and just enough space so that the resume flows and presents well in front of the employer. At the beginning of your resume, we will write a selling summary to really take hold of the employer’s attention. This is written in a manner that promotes you and helps to sell you in your field.

​We will try to promote the appropriate experience and skills that employers are asking for. We do this by exploring and studying what employers in your field are asking for in a suitable candidate and we make sure that this is included into your resume and cover letter, to make it detailed and relevant to your line of employment.

​As soon as we have completed the documents, we send them over to you for your review and appraisal. After which, we then make a final check over for grammar and punctuation and we make the required changes as asked by you. We allow for one review only.


The work that we do in designing, structuring and re-writing for immediate impact will ensure the recruitment consultant and hiring manager continues to read more. 


So don’t risk having your CV thrown out because it failed to impress. We will write and design you a professionally written resume and cover letter that will make you stand out with an eye catching design and punchy content!


Our strategy is one of quality over quantity,  ensuring your covering letter has a high impact effect, just like the resume will. We take a great deal of time and effort in making sure our work is of a very high standard.


All of our work is personalised and tailored to the client. We spend time and effort in ensuring that your resume really sells and markets you to any prospective employer. Hours of research and careful writing goes into every CV that we write for our clients. ​

  • Designing the resume to look professional and be highly presentable.

  • Writing a short, captivating summary that identifies you in your field and promotes you.

  • Writing the resume to help market and sell you to the prospective employer.

  • Conducting research to find out what employers are looking for in your field and making sure the resume addresses their requirements and your experience is made relevant. 

  • Creating a detailed resume but not cluttering it - making sure that everything structured well for easy reading.

  • Putting headlines for better reading and to draw the employer's attention.

  • Using industry-specific vocabulary and terms employers are using and appropriately include these in the resume and covering letter. 




We have extensive experience in writing resumes for clients from many different types of professions and trades.


We have assisted clients in moving from one industry to another, by expanding on their transferrable skills. We have assisted tradespeople moving into the police force and teachers moving out of education and into the corporate sector. If there is an industry that we are unsure about, we will conduct research on what employers are looking for in your industry and then tailor the resume accordingly to suit. 


In the process of writing a resume, we first go about understanding the industry requirements, job requirements and selection criteria. We go through your employment history and find out typical job duties you would have performed in that role if it is not detailed enough.


We also write a captivating summary at the beginning of the resume which is creatively written like a story and is your major selling spiel. Then we look at your core competencies and we make sure that the key words employers are looking for are there. 



"Matthew is the resume writing legend. What a champion.

He works in a very professional, specialised and detailed manner. When I first took on board his service it was not what I expected. I now know why people pay to get their resume done. The resume that he writes really sells the person and promotes their skills, bringing out their best qualities. It’s like reading a story – it delivers well and flows perfectly... I have no hesitation in recommending their resume writing service"


Zig F, 

Pacific Components


A simple and easy process from consultation to delivery.



Initial consultation.

We make initial contact with you.



We then ask if you can send us your existing resume and any supporting documentation, along with a couple of links to jobs on that you wish to apply for.



Full payment will need to be made upfront to confirm your booking.



We usually ask for around 3 – 4 working days to have the final drafts back and ready for your review.


Delivery and Revision

We will send the documents to you for your review and to see if you would like any changes or additions made.




1. We find out via email about what kind of role/s you are interested in applying for and how you would like to be marketed towards.


2. We request a copy of your most recent resume, and current job description if possible, as well as any other supporting documentation.


3. We undertake research on the particular role and industry that you are looking to move into, including what employers are looking for and the terminology used in various job advertisements. 


4. Using our original template, we customise the structure and design of the CV to suit.


5. In writing out your employment history, we research every employer you worked for and then compile a summary which includes essential achievements and responsibilities. 


6. We then add all education, training, and referees.


7. Once we have had the body of the resume done, we then begin working on your "core competencies" and again research all the competencies required for all the positions you did in their working life and compile these into dot points, making them short and to the point.


8. We then begin working on the summary at the top of the resume, which is your selling spiel. We write this as a story about you and what you have to offer to an employer which includes strengths and your experience encapsulated in a summary that is specific, attention-grabbing and sells you.


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