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5 ULTIMATE Tips to Get a New Job in 2022

Get ready for that new job feeling!

2022 is almost upon us. Are you ready to get a new job? If so, here are my top 5 tips to help you achieve that goal.

Get your CV and cover letter all in order

Take the time to update your resume and prepare a well-written cover letter. If you need help with this, we would be more than happy to assist. Via our resume and cover letter writing services page, learn more about how the team at ClientCentric specialise in writing powerful CVs and cover letters that just work and promote the individual's skills and experience.

Update your online job portal profile

If you want potential employers and recruiters to contact you, may I suggest that you update your online profiles with job search websites so that you come across more approachable and ready for a new job.

Get in early and apply for jobs as soon as you can

Start applying for jobs as soon as you can. Once you get back from that well deserved holiday break, apply for jobs and as many jobs as you can. But don't just apply for any job, take the time to submit quality applications that will get noticed.

Open up the type of jobs that you can and are willing to do

Carefully consider what kind of jobs you might be suitable for. perhaps open up the types of jobs you can do and expand your options.

Know what you want in a job and what you have to offer an employer

Make sure that you know exactly what you want in a new job, the conditions, working environment and, most importantly, what you bring to the company in terms of skills and experience.



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