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Finding working during lockdown: Melbourne, Victoria

For most of the year 2020, it's been rather challenging to say the least of finding work and securing ongoing, gainful employment.

Point in case is Melbourne, Victoria, one of the major populous capitals of Australia. Many parts of Victoria have been in lockdown which has made it increasingly difficult to get into a job.

Some employers are hiring and have been hiring throughout the year, while many other employers have not been hiring, and, instead, laying off people.

Client Centric works with clients all over Australia providing professional and tailored employment solutions, particularly to clients in Melbourne who need a new CV and cover letter. They can turn any CV into something amazing and remarkable that stands out and makes an impression.

During tough, economic times it's important more than ever for job seekers to get ahead of the rest and to stand out among the competition in the jobs market. There are reasons however why candidates shouldn't worry about other job seekers vying for the same job.

For every job advertised, there may be hundreds, if not thousands of job seekers applying. There are, however, many job search sites that candidates can go to apply for jobs online. A sample list of popular job search websites is available on our website.

With time's like these it makes sense to polish up your CV and to target roles that you know you have the skills and ability to do. Client Centric can help clients of all industries, professions and skillsets.

Enquire today and speak with the team at Client Centric.



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