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Dealing with low motivation at work, by Matthew Coppola

Getting up in the morning becomes a real struggle. Having any interest to get up out of bed and go to work is almost non-existent. And, when you do get to work, your not as productive, motivated or enthusiastic as you once were.

These feelings are generally a good sign that your having to deal with low motivation at work.

So, the question is, what are a couple of ways I can improve my sense of motivation in the workplace? How, can I change my attitude to my current work situation?

I can just imagine that for many, this is a real challenge.

But there are ways to put the oomph back into your level of motivation.

Here are a couple suggestion that may be good for consideration:

  1. Having a goal in place to work towards. 

Maybe there is a new car or item that you would like to purchase. Perhaps, a holiday that you can save up towards. Maybe, your goal is to obtain experience and move on to a new and better position?

Goals are great to have. They are like the end objective, the aim that you can work towards. And, that may mean, a certain number of more months or years until you can reach that goal or plan.

This is just one way that may help improve one’s level of motivation at work.


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