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Are Recruitment Agencies Worth the Trouble When Looking for Work?

For some jobseekers, the inescapability of visiting a recruitment agency invokes a shudder and a roll of the eyes.

The long wait to be interviewed; the completion of detailed application forms asking for information that’s already on the resumé; and, of course, the promise of a call back that never eventuates.

However, there are also benefits. A good recruiter can become an advocate, saving people the hassle of applying repetitively for jobs.

They even match candidates with the right type of opportunity rather than pushing them into any vacancy.

The best recruiters view the relationship as a long-term commitment, partnering with people as their career progresses.

For most jobseekers, there’s little choice, as the most attractive jobs are promoted via a recruitment agency, and often they are not even aware of the employer’s identity until it’s disclosed during the interview.

Recruitment agencies vary enormously with some being professional outfits that add considerable value while others are more interested in pushing candidates on employers in order to make their commissions.

So, are recruitment agencies worth the trouble when you are job seeking?

There is no straight answer as it will depend on the agency you are trying to get opportunities through, and if they are genuine in finding you the right role or just trying to meet their KPIs.



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