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Are brochures still relevant for business development in 2020?

Brochures come in all shapes and sizes, with varying use and need. But, are they still relevant for business development?

Brochures tell a story. They tell a story about what a company does and why do business with them in an attractive, engage and professional manner.

At Client Centric, we create capability statements as well as reports, brochures and catalogues for companies of all sizes and industries.

Personally, I do think brochures are relevant and beneficial for business development use in 2020. The reason is because brochures only need to be a few pages long to provide the customer with a snapshot of the business and it's offerings, thereby helping the customer to make a well informed purchasing decision.

Brochures also don't have to be printed either, with printing costs rising every year. With so many people having smart phones and tablet computers, brochures can be emailed to a prospective client and viewed on their tablet at their convenience.

A company may also like to show off or promote a particular service offering. A brochure allows them to do that. They can have a brochure on one particular major service offering, or multiple brochures on different services. Doing so, means that they can send that particular brochure to the customer who is interested in that particular service offering, and not necessarily everything else the company does.

Brochures are quick to produce, simple to use, cost effective and engaging.

If you're in the market for a new company brochure, look no further than the team at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions. We would be more than happy to professionally create for you a new and engaging brochure that works to sell.


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